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In junior schools pupils were often placed in A,B,C or D-streams, according to their abilities. There are several types of schools in G. Grammar schools provide an academical cause for selected pupils from the age of 11 to Only those children who have the best results are admitted to these schools. They give pupils a high level of academic education which can lead to the university.

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Technical Schools offer a general education with a technical bias and serve those pupils who are more mechanically minded. The curriculum includes more lessons of science and mathematics. Secondary modern schools were formed to provide a non-academic education for children of lesser attainment.

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The curriculum includes more practical subjects. Comprehensive schools bring about a general improvement in the system of secondary education. This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service. You can view samples of our professional work here.

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Since we are living in a society ruled by the new technologies, the last paragraph focuses on the importance given to the ICTs in British schools. The essay concludes by highlighting what, in my opinion, are the main strengths of the educative system in the United Kingdom.

As stated by some historians, the roots of British education can be found in the mid sixth century. At that time, education belonged to the Catholic Church which was committed to teaching the principles of Christianity, by building schools. However, it was not until the mid-century when the State starts gaining some control over education, introducing a wider variety of subjects.

Another education act to be drawn up took place in , and is in my opinion, important to highlight because from this time on primary school children are exempted of paying tuition fees. With this new education act a tripartite system was introduced in British education system, and this led to the creation of so-called technical, grammar and modern schools.

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While analysing the history of the education system, it is decisive to go back to the year when the national curriculum is introduced in British schools, including English, Maths, Science, and Religion as compulsory subjects. Faith schools, academies and grammar schools also belong to the second section. Since we are living in a society ruled by the information technologies, without a doubt a valuable aspect to be drawn up, is the use of information and communication technologies in the British education system, paying a special attention to schools.

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It was in the year , when the Education and Training inspectorate wrote a report which highlighted the positive aspects of integrating the ICTs in the UK schools. Most of them used a great number of applications such as developing web pages, using social networks for educational purposes, sending electronic mails and using web-cams, to mention but a few of them.

The Department of Education also claims that the information and communication technologies have been adapted to the curriculum of several schools in the UK for the past 5 years, including ICT as a compulsory subject.

While looking for information on this matter, I found two relevant articles in two different newspapers which show a clear example of how these technologies are being adapted to education. Borland also states that although this initiative firstly received a very positive feedback from most people, there were other voices alleging that a video console should never take the place of traditional drills or exercises. Children, however, will not only be taught how to use this network for academic purposes if there are any but also to communicate by using Skype and develop on-line blogs.

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  4. To conclude this essay, it is important to mention that the British education system probably stands out for the enormous variety of schools offered to children and parents while in other countries only three or four types of schools. What are the main types of bullying in primary and secondary schools?

    What is an independent school?

    How can this problem be tackled? Bullying is a problem present in current primary and secondary schools, normally affecting children from four to sixteen years old. Not only pupils are involved, but also parents and teachers who, in most cases, do not even know the truth or conceal the abuse. There are different kinds of bullying which, can be divided into five groups: verbal, physical, emotional, cyber-bullying, and homophobic. In the verbal and emotional bullying, the bully uses disrespectful remarks and threatening words which intend to harm the victim.

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    This is probably one of the worst kinds since children are physiologically affected, creating in most cases traumas leading to social issues such phobias to develop relationships with other classmates due to a low self-esteem. In physical bullying, the perpetrator intends to affect physically the target by resorting to violent acts such as hitting, punching or pulling without having a necessary reason to do so.

    Cyber-bullying is considered to be a relatively new kind, due to the development of new technologies.